The ultimate project management tool.

Find it on Poddera.

Every piece of information produced by the project stays in the same place: financial statements, plans, resources, contracts and much more. All accounted for.

Check how each area is doing.

Are activities and tasks being completed according to the plan? Are costs within what’s expected? Is the desired earned value being attained?

Mighty BPM.

Organize your company’s procedures with Poddera’s powerful BPM. It’s especially useful for complex workgroups: it eases sticking to norms and working methods, plus digitalizes these processes and automatizes them as much as possible.

Check your resources.

How is the resource’s workload doing? Have they completed previous tasks? Are there any delayed projects that could affect yours?

Check for delays.

Learn who’s delaying or not completing their tasks and ask them to do so. You can program alarms and reminders to specific participants and keep the project leader up to date.

Always up to date.

You have a plan, check it’s being followed. Poddera keeps activities, tasks, costs and profit daily updated. Everything is just one click away.

Before, during and after.

Ready? Check. Accepted? Check. Executed? Check. Manage the project’s life cycle from the study phase until its implementation and completion.


Each role has a place in Poddera. That's how you reach the ideal workflow.