All you need
for your project
in the same place.

Each role in the project has a place in Poddera. The screens are personalized to show the information each person needs to fulfill their work.

Who is
Poddera for?

Everyone. The app focuses on each role’s interests and the information they need.

Promote efficiency.

Managing a project from the preliminary phase to the final one in the same place means higher order. And the more order, the more efficiency.

As easy as peeking.

Poddera shows graphic notifications in projects with problems or incidences. Bye bye exploring, hello solving.

Premium administration.

Each person can easily see their assigned tasks, due dates and related documentation.

The benefits
of using Poddera


You can send them to your team, project managers or whoever is inside the app. The system will let them know and confirm they saw the message.

Direct settlement of expenditures.

Users can settle their expenses directly on the app just attaching tickets and costs.

Workplace calendars.

You can manage them whether they are regional, national, international or special to each project.

Resource management.

Check the use of assigned resources, the amount of hours they have been used and plan the future usage anytime you want.

Project visibility and failure prevention.

Project managers can instantly check the work’s overall status by accesing portfolios, plans and the projects they manage.

Efficient and automatic management.

Has there been a problem? You can open issues and manage them efficiently. The system automatically notifies those responsible and everyone involved will always be informed.