Poddera Forms

Having the right insight and knowing how to use it is basic to know where to aim strategic goals.

How you manage information can make it priceless.

With Poddera Forms you can get all the data you need, organize it usefully and implement it automatically.

User friendly.

We made Poddera Forms so that anyone in the company can use it effortlessly.

Easy to change.

You can save every version you make. If you modify one that has been already published, you won’t lose the information you got with it.

On any platform.

Program them on computers, tablets or even your phone.


The app is connected to the company’s databases and systems. When someone completes a form, it processes all the information and automatically saves it as the type of data it is.

Your forms
can be
you need
them to be.

Embed them on your website easily.

Insert them on any app.

Take them with you and ask the questions in person.