We see the company’s work as projects. From this perspective, we lay out a centralized setting where the team can collectively organize all that’s necessary to do the job.

Optimize your

Poddera Software helps organizations achieve every goal their strategy demands.

Mighty BPM.

Poddera's powerful BPM tool is especially useful for complex workgroups. It eases sticking to norms and working methods, plus digitalizes these processes and automatizes them as much as possible

Promote efficiency.

Manage your projects’ roadmaps from the preliminary phase until its completion in the same place. Dividing the job into stages means greater clarity, order, and efficiency.

Keep up to date.

Know your team’s workload, how different projects interact, if achievements are meeting the planned strategy and much more. Every role updates their job daily, so you can check how the projects are doing on every area and manage complex organization matters.


Centralize the information you work with: financials, plans, resources, contracts... Everything. Once in, choose to manage it as a whole or as individual parts.

Everybody’s in.

Each person can easily see their assigned tasks, due dates and related documentation.

At one glance.

Poddera shows graphic notifications in projects with problems or incidences. Bye bye exploring, hello solving.

for delays.

Know who’s delaying or not completing their tasks and ask them to do so. You can program reminders for specific participants.

More good stuff.


Send them to anyone in the app. The system lets them know and confirms they saw the message.

Direct settlement of expenditures.

Users can settle their expenses directly on the app by attaching tickets and costs.

Workplace calendars.

Manage regional, national, international or project specific calendars.

Resource management.

Check the use of assigned resources, how many hours they have been used for and plan the future usage.

Project visibility and failure prevention.

Monitor the status of the work by accessing portfolios, plans and projects

Efficient and automatic management.

Open issues to manage problems efficiently. The system keeps everyone involved up to date

Each role has a place in Poddera Software. That's how you reach the ideal workflow.

Poddera Software serves everyone. The logins show personalized, specific information and activities to each position in the project.